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Hey Folks

I was a bit disappointed about the fact that really NOONE made any bid on my artdoll-auction. Well okay, nothing to do and well. maybe it#s not good enough or nobody searched something like this. But still, I really get not even a comment… you know those comments that say „Oh I would buy, if I just would hav the money“ or things like this, but NOTHING happened… Sad ;/

I really put a lot of work into the doll and I will not give it any below the price that was for start. I would keep the doll rather than give it away that low. I will not do another auction for the doll yet. If anyone want to buy the doll for a good price the next time, I will sell it. If not, I will gift it to a friend of mine, where I know it will be in very good hands. You can look at it again here.

The last two nights I really slept well. It was zoo good that I dnt every wanted to get out the bed again *laughs* But I’m well rested now and I hope I will be the next few days too, so I can go on my regular work on commissions again 🙂

For now I just scribbled and doodled a bit. Ártali again. I just love this character ;P

If you dnt like, dnt watch XD It was not a real serious art, but I really liked the base of it and the message… Yah yah morality here, baaah… please dnt comment, if you do not like the message of the art. I welcome critics but not for the message ;P

Artali ehysorude