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Arts are going well! Weather gets nice!



Hey Folks

Slowly slowly you can feel the spring is entering the year. the sun shows up a bit more than you saw it in the last few weeks and the weather gets warmer from time to time.

Nice nice… and still I dnt got my ass out there ;P Too much sun is destroying my super paleness ;I

But well… I’m sure, the next time the sun is shining, I will go out to take some photos… I’m sure… next time it will… maybe 😉

I finally almost worked down the old to-do-list (but one, I will keep me for a while) and the arts are flowing from my hands again. It feels so good, when you have everything done that bitten you in the neck harshly for months. Accounts moved, name changed, all successfully. Great. Thanks to all who followed me to my new accounts and sites.

I still have to save some money to move IRL too, to get my things back and get them into my own rooms… which I have to found still, but I’m looking forward in a positive way.

I found new and damn good friends I want to keep in my life. Great people… I dnt want to miss them again.

I can’t wait to invite them to my own rooms and make them meet my long lasting friends, I will invite too and then I will cook and bake, so they will get fat, but happy ;P





WIP-Portrait – R. Williams and finished x3


Hey Folks

I know it’s not the best human portrait I drew, but I’m still happy with the result and it’s like an honor for me, that Kalassin has chosen me to do this. I’m not a real ‚fan‘ of him, but still I think he was one of the best actors and human-being.

here I will show you the latest unfinished pictures I took of the art and at the end of this post, you can see the finished one 🙂

Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 21 56 40

Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 23 20 56Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 12 um 20 41 20

Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 13 um 01 23 01

Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 13 um 01 50 34

I hope you like it x3




WIP-Portrait – R. Williams


Hey Folks

Since Karma still dnt wanted to be drawn by me, I asked Kalassin what she want to have drawn from me beside karma and she answered with three options for me. One of the options was a portrait of Robin Williams . She seems to like this actor very much. His death really touched her and so it’s an honor for me to try to draw him.

I referred a photo of him I found on google… since it’s impossible for me to draw him out of my mind ^^’

100% Manga Studio 0% PhotoShop 



Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 04 01 36Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 04 07 56Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 04 17 18Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 04 21 59Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 05 06 49Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 05 42 35Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 06 30 37

Portraits-Lightstudy + Camera

Hey Folks

 While I waited for an answer of Ynishii (I got it today! :3), I tried myself in drawing a portrait. I took a photo of Heri and tried to re-draw it. After I did this and made some corrections, I tried something different with darker lights and shades. I like the result, but I really need some more practice I guess 🙂



Finally my camera arrived. the akku is loading at the moment. I just test it very short with standard-configurations. After the battery is loaded, I will test it a bit more, but I just can say: I#m very very happy now to have my camera ❤

Example for a test-picture:

 It’s Theo, Heri’s cat 🙂