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Digital vs Traditional vs Photography


Hey Folks

I’m a bot slow and I know that x3… still the problem that I’m tired, but I’m still drawing though 🙂

First of, I wanted to show you another WIP for JMW, I’m working on the wings at the moment.


Photoshop – 100%

The few times I where awake I drew on canvas too, because we need some art for the wall in the basement, so I started drawing some… even when I’m really not good in traditional art, since I dnt done it since few years.

The pumpkin one is finished, but the chameleon is still in progress.

Traditional  Pumpkin and Cat

Traditional  CamelionWIP

I’ve tasted blood, it’s something different to digital art at the moment.. maybe I will do some more in future… depends on my mood for sure. Maybe not THAT huge XD

And here is one of the dogs that living in this house too XD

His name is charlie… mommies baby XD








I’m still there! More WIP and an eye


Hey Folks

I know that I wasn’t there very often the last time. Well I#m mostly too tired to sit at my computer and work. I ‚m not sleeping very well and it’s getting harder from day to day to stay awake through the day.

Today I was working a bit again. I drew on the gryphon for JMW again… well at least a bit 🙂

I hope I will get a bit farther tonight with it, but I felt like I should show I’m still there with an entry 😉


Photoshop – 100%

Well I took a photo of my right eye… I dnt know why and such, but I did XD

Here it is 🙂


At the moment I’m drinking my beloved Earl Grey… Some of you know that I’m a tea-monster :3… oh man.. I#m getting older and older… -.-‘






I’m alive!!


Hey Folks

Yepp, I was I bit calm through the last time ><… because I really dnt knew what to say. Nothing special happened and I was that damn tired too. But I made some new photos at least… and yes, I’m working on art too, but nothing done yet 🙂

I will upload it as soon as possible too. I just wanted to let you know, that I’m still there XD

I hope you enjoy some of my hyper professional (haha) photos ^^







Kaaaarma + Cats


Hey Folks

Since I dnt met Kalassin today, I decided to upload the Reference of her Karma (OC) anyways. If she is not totally happy with it I will change it again. 🙂

This little rascal is extremely stubborn to me. He dnt let me draw him when I want to draw him ^^’

Finally I finished the Reference somehow, not how I planned, but at least it seems to be completed ^^’


I hope you like it x3

She will get it a lot bigger than this here 🙂

Aaand I made a few more Photos I wanted to share with you at the end of this post.

I hope you enjoy 🙂





Changed the Blog-design + My Guitar


Hey Folks

Last night I still dnt slept well, but now it’s weekend and the house will be hopefully a bit more calm in the morning 🙂

Yesterday I changed the design of my blog, I hope it’s not irritating, after it was the same design from start. I also changed the navigation-points a bit and maybe there will be some more added in future. I like this design a bit better. I thought about a premium one, but hey.. I dnt really like them and I can’t pay so much money now… It’s even not needed, so I dnt will do this 🙂

I even took some photos last night of my Guitar. I will maybe take some more with daylight, that would be better I guess. But for now, they are enough to show my little precious ;P…

For those who know a bit about guitars, would maybe say, that an Epiphone is not that epic than a real Jackson and other stuff… but heh! I’m just a starter and I really love my guitar! XD And I just can say, that it’s a very good one. Sounds nice, it is very play-able and such… and the small optic modifications Heri did are very nice too. I love my blue strings and the birds ❤