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Visited a Park



Hey Folks

Yesterday the sun was shining and I went outside. My currently roommate showed me a very beautiful place and I took some photos. I dnt took that much photos I planned before. We were just there for a short time and I really wasn’t fit that day. It was very relaxing and felt good to be outside again. 🙂

There here a lot of people enjoying the sun too, so it almost sounds like a playground. *smiles* I think I will go there more often. Alone or with friends, it’s a very ice place to relax or take some photos 🙂

So what you do when the sun shows up? Do you go outside or prefer to stay at home?





Dandelion2Deine blume mit bienchenPink2


Some Flower-Stuff :)


Hey Folks

I only shown you the cookies before, but I took some more photos, as I was on the way to meet the doctor today. I dnt saw something special out there… the sky was grey and the most flowers dnt looked very healthy. As I arrived in town there was not one pigeon what I could photograph XD… Usually there where flying there everywhere… but okay, I will show you what I found on my way.