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Secret Kisses


Hey Folks

After felt ages I drew characters of my RP-Forum „Aegoth” again. Both characters are mine names Azhariel (the black haired) and Zoran (the redhead). Yepp, they’re both male ;)… they secretly love each other since their childhood, but since Azhariel is an important Lord, they had to keep it secret…


I#m very happy how it turned out this time. It was more spontaneous and wasn’t meant as a serious art… but now it turned out better than I expected . 

Photoshop – 90%

Mangastudio – 10%

I hope you like it too 🙂








Paws Paws Paws and more Paws


Hey Folks

Yes! I still live! I just wanted to make a short post to show that I’m still there x3

I drew a lot paws for people the last days and I thought it’s time to show them, even when there will be some more paws XD

I hope you’re all fine those days. I’m at a very tired point this year, but I hope it will be better soon 🙂

Photoshop – 100%



Aiwas pawFlitchglitchHerpderplol pawIarann pawKalapumpkinpawKallaconner pawTyga paw

It’s our home, we protect…


Hey Folks

After some time without any uploads, I finally finished ANYTHING… it’s just an own random art I created because of a RP with the blue Chick (for those who dnt know, it’s a very good friend of mine).

The character on the left’s name is Mikasi and the right one is Rou. Mikasi is a wild rascal, young and with the wish for freedom. Rou is a cam loving one. He takes care of Mikasi, since they escaped from the punishment of fighting for the pleasure of people. Rou looks a lot harder than he is. He is a calm and gently man. He is very patient… until someone attacks his or the life of Mikasi.

Okay long blabla in… I hope you like it 🙂

Maga Studio – 30%

Photoshop – 70%