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WIP-Portrait – R. Williams


Hey Folks

Since Karma still dnt wanted to be drawn by me, I asked Kalassin what she want to have drawn from me beside karma and she answered with three options for me. One of the options was a portrait of Robin Williams . She seems to like this actor very much. His death really touched her and so it’s an honor for me to try to draw him.

I referred a photo of him I found on google… since it’s impossible for me to draw him out of my mind ^^’

100% Manga Studio 0% PhotoShop 



Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 04 01 36Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 04 07 56Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 04 17 18Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 04 21 59Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 05 06 49Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 05 42 35Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 06 30 37


I dare you…


Hey Folks

I was able to sleep the last two nights, but I#m still sooooo tired ^^’… I think it will ned a bit time until I’m not that sleepy again. At least I’m able to sleep again!! That great though…

I backed some cookies today again. Because I just wanted to bake them. People seem to really like them. So I hope  they will be gone fast, so I can bake some more again. I have no idea why, but I like to bake stuff at the moment. I really love how it smells like, when I do this. I dnt need to eat this, I just wanted to smell XD

I drew the character Rune again… this time in Manga-Style… so I guess at least. The Albino Lord of the last entry I made. I only worked with Manga Studio in this case.

100% Manga Studio 0% PhotoShop 




Albino Lord


Hey Folks

I finally started with the Karma-Art for Kalassin XD… BUT the little rascal dnt want to be drawn on… so I have to wait again until he wants me to draw him again. I just have finished a full body-version of him, but I have to draw different views… my my… this is a real stubborn character XD

No WIP for karma yet, I just shown it to Kalassin ^^… she seemed to be happy with what I did until yet ^^

Almost 7am now… but I’m awake ûuv

Well well… while I wait for the little rascal wanted to be drawn, I drew another own art. It’s based on another RPG of me and a friend (blue fluffy and small ;P)… Their names are Rune (left) and Maahes (right) and I really like them and their Story even when the story is not finished yet. 

Pleas eno compliments for the moon and the sky… they where just samples from manga Studio like a part of the window, but the rest I drew by hand. Even the window isn’t original sample one. I was just soooo damn lazy XD

60% Manga Studio 40% PhotoShop 




Isn’t it great?


Hey Folks

*yaaawns* Yepp yepp an erotic… sexual art again. I have no idea why, but I was in the mood to draw something like this. IT#snot really like I wanted it to be, but yeah, I wasn’t that patient with myself and that#s what turned out of it then ^^’

The characters aren’t any special OCs of mine, I just drew them randomly… maybe I will keep them or change them ^^… The Cheetah is based on an idea of the blue chick. She played one with red hair and green eyes… it#s not really like the one she played, but the idea i used to this art ^^



I have two versions again… you know… adult and such ;P

Well I dnt slept any better the last days, but I’m fine I think… I have headaches sometimes again… I really wonder why, but maybe its just the weather or because I’m not sleeping good, huh?

I baked and cooked in the new kitchen now. It’s really nice… it’s huge and I have much room to bake stuff and such :3

Now I need a fresh hot tea and try to start my next commission thing I guess 🙂




Hrrr Hrrr Hjartaaaan


Hey Folks

I started the flat color of Karma for Kalassin, but I stopped and sketched something else, because I wanted to try for another art too.

So while I was sketching I was chatting with Mr Yote and dnt realized that I was going to finish the Art… and well okay… I really finished it XD

Was not planned for sure, I refused to show Hjartan like that in the past, but now I want to show you this one too 🙂

I made two versions of it… one SFW and one is NSFW. Not much to say, but it’s 10am almost and I really should go sleeping o.o’

Done in 10% Manga Studio and 90% Photoshop




You’ve fireflies!


Hey Folks

I finished this personal art now 🙂 It shows my OC Hjartan and the little lugowl-chick Rani in anthro-forms. 

Hjartan is showing Rani where he is living and at night there are some fireflies in front of the cave… others have rats and Hjartan has fireflies XD

Rani do like those glowing flying spots around her, while Hjartan just watches out that nothing will happen to this little chick. he made the little promise to protect her, even when he is  a grumpy gryphon he has a warm heart inside.

I really like this two together… it’s the contrast between them maybe. He is dark and grumpy, while Rani is so bright and cute 🙂

I hope you like it 🙂

Done in 90% Manga Studio and 10% Photoshop




WIP- An own Art


Hey Folks

I dnt slept very well  the last few days. I fall asleep around 8-9am… that’s very bad… Okay I ever was a night owl, but this kinda sucks.

The next commission i will start will be a flat colored one of Karma, an OC of Kalassin… but first I want to finish an own art. Meeeh… I’m so tired… that’s sooooo… *meeeep*

Okay… I want to show you zum WIPs today, of what I currently draw. I used Manga Studio and started to go on in Photoshop now. I really REALLY love to use them both. I’m so excited of Manga Studio, but I surely still love Photoshop at well.

It will be an art of my Maincharacter Hrafn Hjartan and the little blue lugowl-chick Rani 🙂 Isn’t she cute?

I was really fighting against myself drawing Hjartan as an anthro again, because I rarely do like anthro-birds and the last art of Hjartan as an anthro I really dnt liked…. Okay it was his older design, so I wanted to see how he will look like now. I think he make a better anthro now then he made before with the older design. I really like to combine those two characters. I think it#s the contrast between light blue and black and Hjartans grumpy look versus this cute owl smile. XD

I designed Rani, but she is not my character. ^^She belongs to an old friend of mine I met few time ago again. 🙂




Another dragonish Art


Hey Folks

I just drew this picture a while ago, but i dnt knew if I will finish it or not. Now that i dnt knew what to draw this night, I decided to finish it. I dnt like it that much, but I like few parts of it… the eye of the dragon per example… and parts of his fur too. I like the human lips… I think that’s all XD

I drew this completely in Manga Studio. I still try to figure out how it is working x3… but at the moment I like to draw with manga studio a bit more than in Photoshop… maybe because you dnt habe that many filters and such x3




Some Commission-Work done


Hey Folks

I finally finished some commissions again for Kalassin 🙂

I really struggled with her mascot Karma XD… No idea why, but I managed it now. 🙂


I drew Karma and her human Character L.K. Wolfheart… I really like those two designs … karma’s design and L.K.’s design as well.

She asked for few chibis as well (of Karma again) and I did some very simple ones.


And some chibis for her Blog:

Chibikarmaemote aChibikarmaemote bChibikarmaemote cChibikarmaemote d


And a header for her Blog-Story too


Visit it here 🙂

Yah that was it XD

Today is one of those days where I dnt wanted to get out of the bed… I’m solo damn tired… I would prefer to jump into the pillows again and pull the blanket over my head… I dnt see you, dnt hear you… I’m sleeping XD

But I#m relaxed too! Maybe you have any ideas what I could try to draw next… and if I try it in Manga Studio or Photoshop… Any ideas? Inspirations? 🙂 Please comment x3




Dragondemon – I’m still alive :)


Hey Folks

Yeah I’m still alive. I’m a bit silent the last few days, but I’m alive, dnt worry 🙂

I started many arts the last few days, but I wasn’t happy with any of them and so I dnt finished then though X’D

We’re still working in the basement and dumping old furnitures and such… maaaaah… I hate such stuff, but okay, it will be all better rooms after it’s done, right?

I will get my own working space for crafting too though, so I should not complain at all.

At least one of the arts I started the last few days, made it to be finished XD… I drew it in Manga Studio again and tested a different style. I really would like to know what you think about it. It’s more for the character in the foreground, than the dragon in the background… the dragon I just added for filling some space… and people who following me for a while knew that I’m not good with dragons XD

But tell me what you think on your own 🙂




a bit detail..

Bildschirmfoto 2014 08 17 um 08 11 56