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Hey Folks

This time I want to show you some different things to show you that I’m still alive 🙂

This here I baked just for fun… it’s just a simple cookie, but it was fun though… it was because my beloved said he wanted one like this and I just did it, even if I knew that he was not serious xP… 


*smiles* the next I want to share with you is something less funny. it was just very very tasty 🙂

I made a good strong soup 🙂


Just chicken, green onions, carrots, celery, potatoes and smoked sausage. Very very tasty :O

After it cooked a while it looked like this:


 Yummy Yummy x3

But well, I will show you some artsy stuff too 🙂

I drew on canvas again and I will sell those too, when I got a good offer for them 🙂

Traditional Art Huge Pumpkin

Traditional Art Not All Green

As you can read on the pictures (photos) they are 70x100cm and I drew them with arylic on canvas. They’re not small *smiles*. I thought to draw more often on canvas, but I need more acrylic paint… the arts have sucked them empty XD

I hope you like them 🙂

I also drew digital but I will upload them later ^









Hey Folks

I love to bake cookies. I have no idea why and where it came from, but since I started to bake, I really enjoy it.

This time I took a photo before they’re gone again ;P

I made them two days ago and they seem to really like them.


I have to say, that I do like them too ;P I got better since last year ^^

I was so tired after I came back home today, that I just stayed in the kitchen, that I dnt fall asleep, but after I cooked my diner and ate it, I was so damn tired, that I went up and took a nap. I’m still tired but okay… that’s the ‚normal‘ tired.

I finished the Karma-reference for Kalassin too, but I dnt want to show you, before I show her XD