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Hey Folks!


Your opinion is important for me. be welcome to tell me and all the other people what you think about my art and tell me/them about your experience by commissioning me.

(rude comments and spam will be not accepted/deleted)

WinterandSummer KillThem

I really appreciate every entry/good critique/opinion here.

Thank you very much for them.

I will not answer to them here, but you can be sure I appreciate them all.

Opinions by other people:


-I love the colors and details in your art. Looking at some of your pictures, I feel like they’re real places in an exotic world  – by redneckfur


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I think you have a very unique style, and your fur work is very different and more detailed than most I’ve seen.  – by LadyToorima


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Love your work, Keep up the amazing talent!! ~From A Fan~


2 responses

  1. Red

    You are a very talented artist with a level of detail which surpasses most. This is particularly evident in your hair/fur textures. Always love seeing new art from you!

    With regards to suggestions, here is one. You may want to work on your facial expressions some. This is by no means a complaint, I think you do them well. Perhaps more variety though, laughter, anger, and such.

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    14. December 2014 at 15:50

  2. I order since many, many years drawings from you. So far, there was not one that has not made me happy. Instead, you amaze me again and again. What can I say? I’ll give you a few little bullet points, sometimes I did not really know what I want, and then you make of it the perfect picture. It’s still better than in my imagination. This is a gift.
    I have observed your career, and with every picture I can see your progress. The way you draw the fur, paws and on every request or any desire comest I find wonderful! You are a great artist and I thank you for it! You are amorphsome!

    Liked by 1 person

    28. December 2014 at 15:34

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