Digital Art and Illustrator

Pricing and Information

Contact me for further questions and/or commissions via Mail after reading the following stuff:


I will keep the full right of the arts I produce. I will keep the right to upload it anywhere, alter and print it as long it was not another decicion while we talked about the commission.

You will have the right to re-upload and print your paid art too, but you have to link back to me and you’re not allowed to remove my sign.

The commissioned art is not for re-selling.

As a general rule, I try to get the commissions done as quickly as possible. Depending on the complexity of the individual orders and depending on how many requests are still open, the waiting period can vary from one day to two months (though rare for the wait times to be so long, it does happen based on demand for my work). I place great importance on quality and customer communication so that I can really deliver what you want. I ask you to give me as much information about the job as possible or at least an easy way to contact you. In case of delays or issues that can not be resolved quickly, I reserve the right to move on to the next commission in the interest of time.

I request that you not contact me with short-term commissions. Example: You want a picture which must be done in 48 hours! This does not work!

Information I need 

-Your name or nickname (RL) -DeviantArt and/or FurAffinity nickname -Your e-mail -Your paypal -Your age (RL) -Your gender (RL) -Commission Type -Extra Orders (if available!) -How many characters (if it’s optional) -Background (yes, no, how detailed) -Mood (happy, dark, angry, myth etc.) -Main colors (favorite colors you’d like to seein the art) -Link(s) to references (if exists)

-An individual description



Pricing is very basic and may vary heavy depending on characters/detailes/background/size etc.

If you are not sure, let me know what you are searching for.


Example-List will follow!


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