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Hey Folks

I’m so f-ing artsy~ :)… I’m relaxed, while I should/could be stressed. The weather is still nice and arts are going well too. How could it be better for the moment?

I have a lt to do, not only for art, but I do not feel stressed. It’s great 🙂

I want to go outside the next days again.I’ve tasted blood and I want more… more more more… *grins*

sometimes I wonder if anyone would read my shit on here, because I rarely got any reaction 😉

Tell me something about your days!

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Arts are going well! Weather gets nice!



Hey Folks

Slowly slowly you can feel the spring is entering the year. the sun shows up a bit more than you saw it in the last few weeks and the weather gets warmer from time to time.

Nice nice… and still I dnt got my ass out there ;P Too much sun is destroying my super paleness ;I

But well… I’m sure, the next time the sun is shining, I will go out to take some photos… I’m sure… next time it will… maybe 😉

I finally almost worked down the old to-do-list (but one, I will keep me for a while) and the arts are flowing from my hands again. It feels so good, when you have everything done that bitten you in the neck harshly for months. Accounts moved, name changed, all successfully. Great. Thanks to all who followed me to my new accounts and sites.

I still have to save some money to move IRL too, to get my things back and get them into my own rooms… which I have to found still, but I’m looking forward in a positive way.

I found new and damn good friends I want to keep in my life. Great people… I dnt want to miss them again.

I can’t wait to invite them to my own rooms and make them meet my long lasting friends, I will invite too and then I will cook and bake, so they will get fat, but happy ;P




Back to the Roots


Hey Folks

It’s been a long while as I wrote my last entry, but it happened a lot in my life too though.

Don’t worry, I’m back and will not stop anything I did in the past 😉

I will continue again drawing and posting arts and text about everything and anything 😉

Since my life changes at the moment, my arts will maybe change bit too, but still: dnt worry… I will not stop the stuff you know from me. I just try to get something fresh into my arts too.

The only very huge change is my artist-name. I had the name „Amorpheus“ now since 5 years… the problem is and was always, it does not have a meaning to me. I needed something that has a meaning, so I thought a lot about it… more or less… then „POOF“ and it was just like… it was always there… From now on I will use „Artali“ as my artist-name. It means „moon“ and you can shorten it in „art“… and many many personal meanings it has too… so yes… this should be my name…

At the moment I’m working down my to-do-list… my dear commissioners where very patient with me and waited that long for their arts. Thank you very much for your patience! You’re great!

I had a lot of stress and still have some stress, but it seems like it will have an end in a few weeks. *thumbs up*

I will be good… I’m alive!

And because I dnt posted so long, I will add few arts to this entry at the end too 🙂



ChrnfHrafnartali ChainZHrafnArtali FlamesHrafnartalikl Kopie

Merry Christmas and other things

 Hey Folks

Merry merry MEEEERRY Christmas to you all! Merry Yule! Happy Hanukkah! Or whatever you celebrate this december and the last days of the year 🙂

Woothrafn Kopie

I hope your days are nice an warm. If there is somewhere snow, please send it to me too. I really miss the snow here this december. I hope that we will get some this winter :3… yeah I know, some people would yell now because they dnt like snow. I just can tell you, that I love the winter and the snow! It is the perfect weather for pillows, blankets and candles… and last but not least TEA! Okay I’m drinking tea the whole year *smiles. But winter is the perfect time for little ravens 🙂

I’m still solo tired and some kinda depressed o0… but I have no idea why… well I have some ideas why, but nothing that would help to understand without talking about all my dump here open to read for everyone XD

I know I dnt show up much the last time, but I’m still there and have my eyes on you all ê.,e and yes, I drew too, even if I did not show much on  here ^^

So I want to come with some art out now 🙂

I hope you like them! 🙂


TKR paw

Adrian Wolf paw

Kalassins Calendary-Art

I made another calendar for Kalassin some time ago… since she used the older one for more than two years now, it was time for a new one 🙂

Kalassin Kalender DeckblattB

Kalassin Kalender Januar

Kalassin Kalender Mai

And last but not least… ME





Secret Kisses


Hey Folks

After felt ages I drew characters of my RP-Forum „Aegoth” again. Both characters are mine names Azhariel (the black haired) and Zoran (the redhead). Yepp, they’re both male ;)… they secretly love each other since their childhood, but since Azhariel is an important Lord, they had to keep it secret…


I#m very happy how it turned out this time. It was more spontaneous and wasn’t meant as a serious art… but now it turned out better than I expected . 

Photoshop – 90%

Mangastudio – 10%

I hope you like it too 🙂







It’s our home, we protect…


Hey Folks

After some time without any uploads, I finally finished ANYTHING… it’s just an own random art I created because of a RP with the blue Chick (for those who dnt know, it’s a very good friend of mine).

The character on the left’s name is Mikasi and the right one is Rou. Mikasi is a wild rascal, young and with the wish for freedom. Rou is a cam loving one. He takes care of Mikasi, since they escaped from the punishment of fighting for the pleasure of people. Rou looks a lot harder than he is. He is a calm and gently man. He is very patient… until someone attacks his or the life of Mikasi.

Okay long blabla in… I hope you like it 🙂

Maga Studio – 30%

Photoshop – 70%




Kaaaarma + Cats


Hey Folks

Since I dnt met Kalassin today, I decided to upload the Reference of her Karma (OC) anyways. If she is not totally happy with it I will change it again. 🙂

This little rascal is extremely stubborn to me. He dnt let me draw him when I want to draw him ^^’

Finally I finished the Reference somehow, not how I planned, but at least it seems to be completed ^^’


I hope you like it x3

She will get it a lot bigger than this here 🙂

Aaand I made a few more Photos I wanted to share with you at the end of this post.

I hope you enjoy 🙂





Jump Jump


Hey Folks

This was just random art I started. The background’s credit goes to manga Studio… laziness yaaay!! I just drew the character and modified a bit of the background. I just love those sample backgrounds of Manga Studio.

I#m tired and bleeeeh… but I wanted to show you I’m alive!

100% Manga Studio 0% PhotoShop 




I dare you…


Hey Folks

I was able to sleep the last two nights, but I#m still sooooo tired ^^’… I think it will ned a bit time until I’m not that sleepy again. At least I’m able to sleep again!! That great though…

I backed some cookies today again. Because I just wanted to bake them. People seem to really like them. So I hope  they will be gone fast, so I can bake some more again. I have no idea why, but I like to bake stuff at the moment. I really love how it smells like, when I do this. I dnt need to eat this, I just wanted to smell XD

I drew the character Rune again… this time in Manga-Style… so I guess at least. The Albino Lord of the last entry I made. I only worked with Manga Studio in this case.

100% Manga Studio 0% PhotoShop 




Albino Lord


Hey Folks

I finally started with the Karma-Art for Kalassin XD… BUT the little rascal dnt want to be drawn on… so I have to wait again until he wants me to draw him again. I just have finished a full body-version of him, but I have to draw different views… my my… this is a real stubborn character XD

No WIP for karma yet, I just shown it to Kalassin ^^… she seemed to be happy with what I did until yet ^^

Almost 7am now… but I’m awake ûuv

Well well… while I wait for the little rascal wanted to be drawn, I drew another own art. It’s based on another RPG of me and a friend (blue fluffy and small ;P)… Their names are Rune (left) and Maahes (right) and I really like them and their Story even when the story is not finished yet. 

Pleas eno compliments for the moon and the sky… they where just samples from manga Studio like a part of the window, but the rest I drew by hand. Even the window isn’t original sample one. I was just soooo damn lazy XD

60% Manga Studio 40% PhotoShop