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Sculpting on three planned new Art-Dolls – 4


Hey Folks

I painted the Lug-Owl-Chick today again. This time while I had daylight. I think it#s okay now and I will wait until it’s dry now, to fix it with acrylic spray :3 after the spray is dry too I can start to sew it’s coat on it :3

I#m very curious how it will look like when it has it#s coat. I hope it will turn out good :3 

I#m not sure if I should use the white or the grey/black fur and color it blueish later a bit. Any suggestions?








Sculpting on three planned new Art-Dolls – 3


Hey Folks

Just a quick entry for my current work on art-dolls. I just decided, while I watched at the clock, that 6am is the right time to start painting the Lug-Owl doll :’3… and now it’s 7:30am almost… I finally should go to bed I guess 🙂


here are some quick photos… I will paint it a second time, this is just the basic part I did now 🙂

Maybe you like it 🙂






Sculpting on three planned new Art-Dolls – 2


Hey Folks

I promised some photos of the dolls I’m currently working on and here they are 🙂

That was how I started on my gryphon, the ears are not decided yet and still not added on the head.


He will be a bit bigger than I planned, but I think it’s okay… I will keep him, if I like him after he is finished x3

That’s how it looks like now:




The ears are still not added, just shortly added for the photo, but I think about re-sculling them because I dnt like how they look at the moment 🙂

I#m really curious how he will look with his fur and wings later 🙂 I still have to sculpt his feet and do his basic skeleton to make him stand and see how huge he will be at the end oo’


Here is the second one I#m working on and it really looks weird yet oo XD it will look much better with it’s fur later XD

It’s almost dry now and I think I can paint it tonight 🙂


it*s left eye looks a bit strange, but I make can fix it 🙂




Sculpting on three planned new Art-Dolls


Hey Folks

I sculpted the base of the second planned art-doll and my beloved laughed at it >o<… well he laughed more about the name of what it will be <.<… in german “Lauscheule” it’s an own owl-species I called Lugowl in english… I also started on another head for a posable gryphon doll I will try to do with wings. it will be my own character Hjartan. I have no idea if it will work though, but well, it#s a nice thing to do something different when you take a break from drawing on stuff. I will take some photos from the work in Progress too, but for today there have to be a sketch enough.

It’s because of the lug owl-chick I’m working on… it just looks so damn funny without the fur it will have later XD

Bildschirmfoto 2014 07 27 um 05 05 59

I dnt know on what, but it reminds me on something! XD It looks really close to this sketch and has to dry yet. It is already able to stand on it’s own two feet.

The raven gryphon needs his feet and body and the ears are not added on the head yet too. The third doll I plan on is a sheep for a friend of mine. A real late birthday gift though x3.




Just Inspired!


Hey Folks

In between of working on commissions again I started to draw another human practice. Inspired by my RP with a friend of mine I just could not stand it and had to combine all characters that where in the RP at the moment. I used another Art of Artalii (in this case and changed it a bit (still same character, but without his featherstuff), he is the left one, used the Art of Sylvester, I just drew before (in the middle) and drew Red (right one)… I really like this character (it’s mine). He is a bit rude and has some problems to show or even realize emotions and such. He never learned, so he always looks like someone stole his pie or such ;P

Was a nice way to go on with practicing a bit human. But Iäm even happy that I’m able to work again too, because it#s not thaaaat hot here at the moment 🙂

Any suggestions for future practicing? 🙂





Slobberhouse -.-


Hey Folks

This is not meant to be a serious entry. This is just so damn random, because of that true situation here. I just sketched this very fast, so you can see, what is happen to me every day and more than once.





Just because I can… or even not can ;P


Hey Folks

Weeeeell… it’s so damn hot here, that I can’t work seriously on things. Tonight they say there will be thunderstorms and a lot of rain again. I#m afraid of the result… after the last thunderstorm the basement was full of water, so it is possible we have to throw out the water tonight again. I just can hope that it will be not that hard again. We’re prepared for this tonight, but you never now how much water will appear. x.x I just can’t wait to see *ironic*

I wante dot draw the last days, but it just dnt want dot come that I was able to. So I want to show you what I did instead (I worked on it the last week every time when I wanted to doodle a bit) It came out better than I thought. It was meant to be a practice work again, but I’m kinda happy with the result now.


It#s a character of the person I RP with. His name is Sylvester (seen on the art). It’s an apocalyptic RP and very interesting for me, because it’s totally different to what I RP’d in the past. I do this with my human Character Artali (here to see as a chibi-version XD).

Artalichibi ApoVersion

First I planned to draw them together on the art with Sylvester, but it just dnt worked. To warm here and my concentration got lost ;/

Maybe on a different day. I really hope that the water tonight will be not that much and the thunderstorm will bring cooler weather here… so I finally can go on with serious stuff and the open commissions.

Ynishii is such a patient commissioner with me. He even dnt complained about the situation in any way. I really have to answer his nice mails tonight. Commissioners like him should be out there much more often 😉 *winks* It really helps me to relax and make a good work, even if it takes a bit longer.




See what I see


Hey Folks

The weather went warmer again. Not nice… really not nice. I hate summer -.-‚ yaaah I do. Well it looks nice… in a creative way because of the sun and such, but I do still prefer the winter and the cold looking sun… because it’s not that warm *pouts*

I took some photos in the morning and some at late late afternoon… evening. I thought of showing you my view out of the window. Well that pretty view is more an illusion, if I would take the camera a bit down, you would see houses, roofs and garages and on the left is a huge yard of an industry…. not that pretty… really not pretty XD But well, here are the photos I took 🙂

Enjoy… or not XD do as you wish 🙂



And some of Sirius the cat 😛








Hey Folks

I was a bit disappointed about the fact that really NOONE made any bid on my artdoll-auction. Well okay, nothing to do and well. maybe it#s not good enough or nobody searched something like this. But still, I really get not even a comment… you know those comments that say „Oh I would buy, if I just would hav the money“ or things like this, but NOTHING happened… Sad ;/

I really put a lot of work into the doll and I will not give it any below the price that was for start. I would keep the doll rather than give it away that low. I will not do another auction for the doll yet. If anyone want to buy the doll for a good price the next time, I will sell it. If not, I will gift it to a friend of mine, where I know it will be in very good hands. You can look at it again here.

The last two nights I really slept well. It was zoo good that I dnt every wanted to get out the bed again *laughs* But I’m well rested now and I hope I will be the next few days too, so I can go on my regular work on commissions again 🙂

For now I just scribbled and doodled a bit. Ártali again. I just love this character ;P

If you dnt like, dnt watch XD It was not a real serious art, but I really liked the base of it and the message… Yah yah morality here, baaah… please dnt comment, if you do not like the message of the art. I welcome critics but not for the message ;P

Artali ehysorude



Changed the Blog-design + My Guitar


Hey Folks

Last night I still dnt slept well, but now it’s weekend and the house will be hopefully a bit more calm in the morning 🙂

Yesterday I changed the design of my blog, I hope it’s not irritating, after it was the same design from start. I also changed the navigation-points a bit and maybe there will be some more added in future. I like this design a bit better. I thought about a premium one, but hey.. I dnt really like them and I can’t pay so much money now… It’s even not needed, so I dnt will do this 🙂

I even took some photos last night of my Guitar. I will maybe take some more with daylight, that would be better I guess. But for now, they are enough to show my little precious ;P…

For those who know a bit about guitars, would maybe say, that an Epiphone is not that epic than a real Jackson and other stuff… but heh! I’m just a starter and I really love my guitar! XD And I just can say, that it’s a very good one. Sounds nice, it is very play-able and such… and the small optic modifications Heri did are very nice too. I love my blue strings and the birds ❤