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Arts are going well! Weather gets nice!



Hey Folks

Slowly slowly you can feel the spring is entering the year. the sun shows up a bit more than you saw it in the last few weeks and the weather gets warmer from time to time.

Nice nice… and still I dnt got my ass out there ;P Too much sun is destroying my super paleness ;I

But well… I’m sure, the next time the sun is shining, I will go out to take some photos… I’m sure… next time it will… maybe 😉

I finally almost worked down the old to-do-list (but one, I will keep me for a while) and the arts are flowing from my hands again. It feels so good, when you have everything done that bitten you in the neck harshly for months. Accounts moved, name changed, all successfully. Great. Thanks to all who followed me to my new accounts and sites.

I still have to save some money to move IRL too, to get my things back and get them into my own rooms… which I have to found still, but I’m looking forward in a positive way.

I found new and damn good friends I want to keep in my life. Great people… I dnt want to miss them again.

I can’t wait to invite them to my own rooms and make them meet my long lasting friends, I will invite too and then I will cook and bake, so they will get fat, but happy ;P







Hey Folks

This time I want to show you some different things to show you that I’m still alive 🙂

This here I baked just for fun… it’s just a simple cookie, but it was fun though… it was because my beloved said he wanted one like this and I just did it, even if I knew that he was not serious xP… 


*smiles* the next I want to share with you is something less funny. it was just very very tasty 🙂

I made a good strong soup 🙂


Just chicken, green onions, carrots, celery, potatoes and smoked sausage. Very very tasty :O

After it cooked a while it looked like this:


 Yummy Yummy x3

But well, I will show you some artsy stuff too 🙂

I drew on canvas again and I will sell those too, when I got a good offer for them 🙂

Traditional Art Huge Pumpkin

Traditional Art Not All Green

As you can read on the pictures (photos) they are 70x100cm and I drew them with arylic on canvas. They’re not small *smiles*. I thought to draw more often on canvas, but I need more acrylic paint… the arts have sucked them empty XD

I hope you like them 🙂

I also drew digital but I will upload them later ^








Hey Folks

I love to bake cookies. I have no idea why and where it came from, but since I started to bake, I really enjoy it.

This time I took a photo before they’re gone again ;P

I made them two days ago and they seem to really like them.


I have to say, that I do like them too ;P I got better since last year ^^

I was so tired after I came back home today, that I just stayed in the kitchen, that I dnt fall asleep, but after I cooked my diner and ate it, I was so damn tired, that I went up and took a nap. I’m still tired but okay… that’s the ‚normal‘ tired.

I finished the Karma-reference for Kalassin too, but I dnt want to show you, before I show her XD



Manga-Experiment again


Hey Folks

After I did most of my commissions, but those of Kalassin, I still stuck on that Manga Studio Programm XD

The guy I drew this time is random again… not a directly OC of mine… just an Idea that came into my mind. I dnt drew the trees in the background, they’re a part of the program itself… I just drew the character and created the light and shades… I’m lazy with backgrounds and since i have no experience with manga-backgrounds, I decided to use the sample background again.


Hope you enjoy 🙂


The last few days I’m very tired somehow. I fall asleep very fast, but not before 8am… and I wake up regular every few hours… -.- It really sucks *sighs*

But at least it seems like I#m healthy so far…






Hey Folks

Well well… I wanted to go on with the gryphon-doll, but instead I stuck on that new program I got yesterday :’3

This time I wanted to see, if I can something create that looks a bit like a manga-page… okay… I knew it was possible, but I wanted to see ^^

Again you see the Character Winter here and the random guy from the yaoi-scene I drew before. A friend of mine thought about the name „Summer“ another wanted to call him Autumn, I guess Summer is the better choice, since his skin is meant to be more golden and not pale (I really have to show it in another art XD)

I would like to know what you think about this 🙂

WinterandSummer KillThem

Hope you enjoy 🙂




Winter again – Experimental Art


Hey Folks

I got a new program yet and I wanted to text it ^^… yah it’s right, again the silver haired character „Winter“… well I just like him somehow… I do like all my characters, but I#m in the mood for Winter 🙂

Back to topic… I have a new secondary program beside Photoshop now. It’s called Manga Studio (5)… I just wanted to try it again with that manga/anime style. I just drew in this style few years ago and stopped with it since I start to draw animals. Now I want to go back to it sometimes again. Not mainly so dnt worry. I still will draw how you know it from me 🙂

It can’t be that bad to have some different styles, huh? It’s more for fun and for myself I think… kinda back to my roots where I started with :3

I dnt drew the background, it was a sample from manga Stdio… I just drew the character itself (the petals are from Manga Studio too)… it was more to test lining and coloring the character itself in this art, so judge this only 🙂


Well I like it… it’s totally different to what I do usually :3

Seems like the fever gone through the night and my throat isn’t aching at the moment, so I can hope that I’m healthy again. I just slept three hours in the night and I will try to go on sleeping after I made this entry. let’s hope it will work… because I can’t stay up with only three hours of sleeping ^^’… since I’m very tired too… but well I was very curious about manga Studio yet and wanted to test it too though… it was not ALL bad to be awake that long…

Hope you enjoy 🙂




Sensible, huh?


Hey Folks

Yaaaah… I decided to go on with the sketch I did tonight… it’s not good, it’s not detailed, but somehow I like it 🙂

It’s totally different to what I draw usually… even the style… and yeses the scene itself ^^’

Witer youaresensible

All who dnt like Man+Man… please ignore this, dnt comment any shit 🙂

The silver haired one I will keep as my Art-And-RP-Character… the golden haired one is a random character that does not have any name and such :3



Woops :D


Hey Folks

I just was in the mood to try something manga-like… and well.. whoops… what turned out of this … yaaah… for all who are homophobic, I’m sorry for that… just imagine that it’s a flat girl what is riding the guy behind  ;P ;P

The shows, or should show the one of my last practice-art (the silver haired guy in front of the moon) and an unknown character… I just drew it very randomly… I have no idea if I will or should finish this piece XD

Bildschirmfoto 2014 08 08 um 03 09 23

Maybe I will and maybe I will not… and yaaah you would see not much more in the final version then XD the bottom here is the button of the art itself too ;P 


I still feel sick, my throat is still aching bad and the fever comes and goes… maybe that’s why I’m drawing stuff like this… no… no that#s not the reason XD



Random Art but I like it :)


Hey Folks

Tonight (well okay… exactly would it be „this mooring” is 4:30am), I finished another human art i started today. I just felt like finish what I sketched while I had my coffee, that was few hours ago. I feel a bit sick… my throat is aching and I feel like I would have fever from time to time, I hope I’ll not get sick…

Back to my Art here… I will call him „Winter“… he is not actually any special OC of mine, but I may use him in one of my RPs… Is it sick, when I like it that my characters has deep long scars about their body? XD… scars scars scars…


I like his silver hear and the ember eyes… I dnt tried to make him look very real this time…  As a non-human-drawer I#m kinda proud of the result 🙂

Hope you enjoy too!




More artsy arts


Hey Folks

I forgot some things in my last post, so I decided to do a second one, because the other stuff is not commission work 🙂

It wa amore random stuff, but I hope you like it 🙂


This one is more because I’m actually practicing a lot human art stuff…. maybe because I’m in the mood because of my RPs i have actually… it#s kinda relaxing drawing some human stuff in between.


The sec on one is something I more or less sketched. I dnt spent much time into it, but it is because I git an old friend back… five years ago the contact broke and we found us again 🙂

Missed my chick

It was more something quickly 🙂