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WIP-Portrait – R. Williams and finished x3


Hey Folks

I know it’s not the best human portrait I drew, but I’m still happy with the result and it’s like an honor for me, that Kalassin has chosen me to do this. I’m not a real ‚fan‘ of him, but still I think he was one of the best actors and human-being.

here I will show you the latest unfinished pictures I took of the art and at the end of this post, you can see the finished one 🙂

Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 21 56 40

Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 23 20 56Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 12 um 20 41 20

Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 13 um 01 23 01

Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 13 um 01 50 34

I hope you like it x3





WIP-Portrait – R. Williams


Hey Folks

Since Karma still dnt wanted to be drawn by me, I asked Kalassin what she want to have drawn from me beside karma and she answered with three options for me. One of the options was a portrait of Robin Williams . She seems to like this actor very much. His death really touched her and so it’s an honor for me to try to draw him.

I referred a photo of him I found on google… since it’s impossible for me to draw him out of my mind ^^’

100% Manga Studio 0% PhotoShop 



Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 04 01 36Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 04 07 56Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 04 17 18Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 04 21 59Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 05 06 49Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 05 42 35Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 11 um 06 30 37


Hey Folks

8am now o.o… I’m still awake and was working since now on the cabbit art. Some things go easier than other things at the moment… I just hope that I will be able to draw Kalassin’s Karma <-<”

But for now I’m happy that I finished the art that fast… BUT I dnt know yet, if that will be the final version ^^

I will show you if it would be changed again.

I really like this character (well okay, I designed her XD) and I’m so happy that Ynishii bought her and use her in his novel. That’s one of the best a designed character could get I guess.

I tried to draw it colorful and something between light and dark to get a good mood in it. I hope it worked ^^

I drew again the whole art in two programs. I really love to use them both ❤



50% Photoshop – 50% MangaStudio

Ynishii Cabbit Postcard smaller

Cabbit-WIP – Round 3

Hey Folks

I’m still tired, but I was able to take a little nap in the evening… a bit more than an hour. After I cooked and ate dinner with the guest I said bye und went on the couch to take my nap… I was soooo done XD

I will see how long I will be awake tonight. It would be great, if I dnt would stay away longer than 6am this time -.-v

After I took my nap and drank a cocoa i was going on drawing on the cabbit. ^^She gets her fur now. It goes slowly butI think it worths another WIP to show 🙂 Still it#s darker than it should be but I will be changed later ^^



70% Photoshop – 30% MangaStudio

Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 06 um 01 59 01

Cabbit-WIP – Round 2

Hey Folks

I’m soooooo tiiiired… I just fall asleep at around 11:30am and had to stand up four hours later… not enough sleep -.-… well in fact I had to stand up three hours later, but I missed the time though ^^’… I really should try to take a nap through the day… but we have a guest, so it would be maybe a bit difficult to do ^^’

While I was drinking my coffee (I still do) I was going on with the sketch of last night… I think it is fine now, I mean the pose… The art itself is slightly too dark maybe, but I will play with the light and a few more colors later. now I will start with some more details first. …oh man… tired… so tired… and so much to do today… I really dnt want to… (and I dnt mean drawing)

 Well well… we will see how that day will go through… right?



50% Photoshop – 50% MangaStudio

Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 05 um 17 07 23


Hey Folks

As I said in my last post, I wanted to start with another commission art I got last day 🙂

It#s for Ynishii again… it is one of his characters, he adopted from me some time ago. A cute little cabbit-lady 🙂

Since Karma (the character-mascott of Kalassin) still refused to be drawn by me, I started with Ynishii’s first… in hope that Karma dnt refuse to ne drawn by me after I finished the cabbit ^^

I just have a little sketch until yet. I try to figure out her pose for the art.

Bildschirmfoto 2014 09 05 um 04 21 36

It will have a forest in the background with moody light and such. I want to play a bit with light and shadow and will see what it will look like later 🙂

An hour ago, our cat caught a mouse on the basement-window… since they dnt get out of the house, he found a way to catch his mice anyway. It sadly dnt survived, but the proud hunter did his best… that’s nature, huh? Since I still try to rescue the mice that have been caught by him, I can’t rescue them all. He should not play with mice, since he is an indoor-cat. I know he should be allowed, but it’s better when he dnt :’3… And no, no one gets mad with him here for catching mice XD. He is a cat and we’re proud of him that he manage it somehow to catch them … still… it#s really strange.. iTs# like fishing on the window… he must be very patient to wait for a mouse that passes the window XD

Rainy days are the best days for hunting oov




Some Commission-Work done


Hey Folks

I finally finished some commissions again for Kalassin 🙂

I really struggled with her mascot Karma XD… No idea why, but I managed it now. 🙂


I drew Karma and her human Character L.K. Wolfheart… I really like those two designs … karma’s design and L.K.’s design as well.

She asked for few chibis as well (of Karma again) and I did some very simple ones.


And some chibis for her Blog:

Chibikarmaemote aChibikarmaemote bChibikarmaemote cChibikarmaemote d


And a header for her Blog-Story too


Visit it here 🙂

Yah that was it XD

Today is one of those days where I dnt wanted to get out of the bed… I’m solo damn tired… I would prefer to jump into the pillows again and pull the blanket over my head… I dnt see you, dnt hear you… I’m sleeping XD

But I#m relaxed too! Maybe you have any ideas what I could try to draw next… and if I try it in Manga Studio or Photoshop… Any ideas? Inspirations? 🙂 Please comment x3




Sunset Beach


Hey Folks

Finally I finished the sharklady-commission too. I struggled with the hair… THE HAIR!… that’s why I took so long with herr. Just let me say, that this version is censured… hiding nipples and vaginas… so nobody can complain about it, right?

The commissioner is a real nice and patient person and I#m glad that she likes the result of it 🙂

I hope you do too :3

113 Ryn Iiskra Commissioncensored




When the Snow falls in Summer


Hey Folks

This my friends, is a very emotional art I was commissioned for. Zukie (this is how her nickname in the internet is) lost someone very important after a fight against healthy issues. It’s a very sad moment but we all know, when we want to believe this, that none will leave you forever. You can feel someone you loved around you, if you just want to.

I dnt want to talk about life and death now, it’s not something I’m good with… This art was… IS very special to me and Zukie too. I really tried my best to get the imagination in my head out in this digital art. I dnt get it 100% what I had in mind, but I got it very close to it. Even this piece has a very sad background, I really enjoyed drawing it for her. It was an honor for me to draw it and she chose me for doing this. I#m very proud of it and I really hope she will have something now, that reminds her, that she is never alone or anything like this.

I dnt want to ruin this post with too much words here…



Finished Micheal + More Photos

Hey Folks

I finally think that I’ve finished Michael (the character of the last WIP). I’m not THAt happy with the result, but I have no idea what to do more *laughs*

The original is bigger than here for sure 🙂

This character is for Kalassin’s Trilogy she is writing on. I believe in that it will be (a) good book(s), she is very talented and maybe we will find a way to translate the story in different languages and such. Well I#m very curious, even if I’m not really a ready (shame on me X’3)

But her Blogs are a Must-Read for everyone who understands german 🙂

Well here is the finished Commission 🙂


Judge on your own XD


In the Morning I took a lot more pictures than I uploaded already, so I will show here some more for those who want to see them :3 Tonight it’s raining again. I hear some thunder, maybe tomorrow the weather will be more grey than today, so I will not have the chance to take some pictures with sunlight at the moment x3












There are a lot moooore pictures I took in the morning, but I have no idea if you want to see them, when you do not comment my entries x3 *winks* (wtf, while I was writing this I almost felt of from my chair because of a mega super loud „boom“ I never heard that loud before x.x XD)