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Sculpting on three planned new Art-Dolls – 5


Hey Folks

After I wanted to protect the colors on the Lug-Owl-Chick with spray the whole thing turned bad… the colors where muddy and cracked… I really have no idea why, because I used acrylic on acrylic… -.- 

So well I had to repaint the  chick again and used another spray, now it#s all fine. It looks a bit different now, but it’s okay. I started to put on the fir and feathers on it. I#m not that far yet, because of the repainting and such, but I decided to use both… the white and the grey fur. at the moment I’m working on the head.

I will finish this one before I will go on with the gryphon though 🙂 So I have a bit time to decide what to do with the ears :3








Sculpting on three planned new Art-Dolls – 2


Hey Folks

I promised some photos of the dolls I’m currently working on and here they are 🙂

That was how I started on my gryphon, the ears are not decided yet and still not added on the head.


He will be a bit bigger than I planned, but I think it’s okay… I will keep him, if I like him after he is finished x3

That’s how it looks like now:




The ears are still not added, just shortly added for the photo, but I think about re-sculling them because I dnt like how they look at the moment 🙂

I#m really curious how he will look with his fur and wings later 🙂 I still have to sculpt his feet and do his basic skeleton to make him stand and see how huge he will be at the end oo’


Here is the second one I#m working on and it really looks weird yet oo XD it will look much better with it’s fur later XD

It’s almost dry now and I think I can paint it tonight 🙂


it*s left eye looks a bit strange, but I make can fix it 🙂




See what I see


Hey Folks

The weather went warmer again. Not nice… really not nice. I hate summer -.-‚ yaaah I do. Well it looks nice… in a creative way because of the sun and such, but I do still prefer the winter and the cold looking sun… because it’s not that warm *pouts*

I took some photos in the morning and some at late late afternoon… evening. I thought of showing you my view out of the window. Well that pretty view is more an illusion, if I would take the camera a bit down, you would see houses, roofs and garages and on the left is a huge yard of an industry…. not that pretty… really not pretty XD But well, here are the photos I took 🙂

Enjoy… or not XD do as you wish 🙂



And some of Sirius the cat 😛






Changed the Blog-design + My Guitar


Hey Folks

Last night I still dnt slept well, but now it’s weekend and the house will be hopefully a bit more calm in the morning 🙂

Yesterday I changed the design of my blog, I hope it’s not irritating, after it was the same design from start. I also changed the navigation-points a bit and maybe there will be some more added in future. I like this design a bit better. I thought about a premium one, but hey.. I dnt really like them and I can’t pay so much money now… It’s even not needed, so I dnt will do this 🙂

I even took some photos last night of my Guitar. I will maybe take some more with daylight, that would be better I guess. But for now, they are enough to show my little precious ;P…

For those who know a bit about guitars, would maybe say, that an Epiphone is not that epic than a real Jackson and other stuff… but heh! I’m just a starter and I really love my guitar! XD And I just can say, that it’s a very good one. Sounds nice, it is very play-able and such… and the small optic modifications Heri did are very nice too. I love my blue strings and the birds ❤






Finished Micheal + More Photos

Hey Folks

I finally think that I’ve finished Michael (the character of the last WIP). I’m not THAt happy with the result, but I have no idea what to do more *laughs*

The original is bigger than here for sure 🙂

This character is for Kalassin’s Trilogy she is writing on. I believe in that it will be (a) good book(s), she is very talented and maybe we will find a way to translate the story in different languages and such. Well I#m very curious, even if I’m not really a ready (shame on me X’3)

But her Blogs are a Must-Read for everyone who understands german 🙂

Well here is the finished Commission 🙂


Judge on your own XD


In the Morning I took a lot more pictures than I uploaded already, so I will show here some more for those who want to see them :3 Tonight it’s raining again. I hear some thunder, maybe tomorrow the weather will be more grey than today, so I will not have the chance to take some pictures with sunlight at the moment x3












There are a lot moooore pictures I took in the morning, but I have no idea if you want to see them, when you do not comment my entries x3 *winks* (wtf, while I was writing this I almost felt of from my chair because of a mega super loud „boom“ I never heard that loud before x.x XD)



Some experimental Photos

Hey Folks

 Sadly today it was raining, so I was not able to go outside to take some photos like I planed for today ;/. So i tried some different stuff here in the house. Not much, but at least I tried XD

Heri isn’t that well, so I think the photos I want to take with him have to wait. Maybe he gets better tomorrow and the weather is better. We will see.

First I have two photos of my cat Sirius, that I really like though.



On the second one, he reminds me to an owl ;D

The next photos I took from a water-bottle in front of the blue light of a mouse-pad oo’ *laughs* well… it was too late here to get something more interesting.







Nothing real special here, at least one of them looks a bit like a sky in the night XD

I hope you like and maybe you have some ideas for me that I could use for inside the house, when it is raining :3



My Art-Doll – New pictures

Hey Folks

 Maybe you already saw my Artdoll (my first) before, but I was never happy with the Pictures I took of it. The camera I had was not nice to make a good photo of my Artdoll. But nooow… since I have my new camera, I made new pictures of it and wanted to show you the doll again 🙂

Well here you can find the Old pictures where you can see how huge he is 🙂

 But now the new pictures:






Portraits-Lightstudy + Camera

Hey Folks

 While I waited for an answer of Ynishii (I got it today! :3), I tried myself in drawing a portrait. I took a photo of Heri and tried to re-draw it. After I did this and made some corrections, I tried something different with darker lights and shades. I like the result, but I really need some more practice I guess 🙂



Finally my camera arrived. the akku is loading at the moment. I just test it very short with standard-configurations. After the battery is loaded, I will test it a bit more, but I just can say: I#m very very happy now to have my camera ❤

Example for a test-picture:

 It’s Theo, Heri’s cat 🙂