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An Autumn Day…

Today I want to tell you about my day… just because I want to do that.

I stood up very early… too early for my taste 😉
At eight in the morning I stood at the bus-stop… I was not he first time I was there that early..
They sky was grey and the bottom was wet from the rain last night. There was that old lady again…
I saw her before, some time ago in the morning too, and she did the same as the last time. You need to know, that she can not walk that good anymore.
She had that old fabric and dried the fences from the rain. Then she went into the oher house on the same ground, behind the same fence and did he same tere.
After she dried the other side of the fenc, she went into the other house and opened the windows… I think her children or someelse is living here with their family too.
I dnt know why, but that old lady was fascinating to me.. she looked hat old and struggled by walking, bu still she stood up that early just t dry the fences and open the windows for her kids that have to be adult yet.
TThen there was the old man, the neigbour-house, who was shaking the small tree to make the leaves fall down tto clean them up again… he said morning to he dad, who came ou the house next door with his daughter.
You may tell me now “and? That is nothing special…” and I tell you it is special…
I dnt see that very often that people still care of each other in this times.

It is nine now and I am waiting for the start… and the end…
and already waiting for my bed in the night. XD
Surprising I am not tired yet…
I slept very well last night and slept very early too, so I stood up today very easy.
My beloved dnt slept well… he is sick and I hope I will not be too soon ;/

Now few hours later I am sitting in the kitchen and waiting for two kids getting guitar-lessons from me. i just ate something because I was so damn hungry… Almost 3pm and at 5pm I will do some food-shopping… or however you call this in english XP.. I am still not that tired, but I guess it will come when I come back home again.

Well I hope this post was not that boring as I think ;P

Have a nice Day!




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