Digital Art and Illustrator

I dare you…


Hey Folks

I was able to sleep the last two nights, but I#m still sooooo tired ^^’… I think it will ned a bit time until I’m not that sleepy again. At least I’m able to sleep again!! That great though…

I backed some cookies today again. Because I just wanted to bake them. People seem to really like them. So I hope  they will be gone fast, so I can bake some more again. I have no idea why, but I like to bake stuff at the moment. I really love how it smells like, when I do this. I dnt need to eat this, I just wanted to smell XD

I drew the character Rune again… this time in Manga-Style… so I guess at least. The Albino Lord of the last entry I made. I only worked with Manga Studio in this case.

100% Manga Studio 0% PhotoShop 





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