Digital Art and Illustrator

Albino Lord


Hey Folks

I finally started with the Karma-Art for Kalassin XD… BUT the little rascal dnt want to be drawn on… so I have to wait again until he wants me to draw him again. I just have finished a full body-version of him, but I have to draw different views… my my… this is a real stubborn character XD

No WIP for karma yet, I just shown it to Kalassin ^^… she seemed to be happy with what I did until yet ^^

Almost 7am now… but I’m awake ûuv

Well well… while I wait for the little rascal wanted to be drawn, I drew another own art. It’s based on another RPG of me and a friend (blue fluffy and small ;P)… Their names are Rune (left) and Maahes (right) and I really like them and their Story even when the story is not finished yet. 

Pleas eno compliments for the moon and the sky… they where just samples from manga Studio like a part of the window, but the rest I drew by hand. Even the window isn’t original sample one. I was just soooo damn lazy XD

60% Manga Studio 40% PhotoShop 





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