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You’ve fireflies!


Hey Folks

I finished this personal art now 🙂 It shows my OC Hjartan and the little lugowl-chick Rani in anthro-forms. 

Hjartan is showing Rani where he is living and at night there are some fireflies in front of the cave… others have rats and Hjartan has fireflies XD

Rani do like those glowing flying spots around her, while Hjartan just watches out that nothing will happen to this little chick. he made the little promise to protect her, even when he is  a grumpy gryphon he has a warm heart inside.

I really like this two together… it’s the contrast between them maybe. He is dark and grumpy, while Rani is so bright and cute 🙂

I hope you like it 🙂

Done in 90% Manga Studio and 10% Photoshop





2 responses

  1. aaaaaah the grumpy ad the cutie beendet! Es sieht fabelhaft aus! Und sein Schnabel hat sich auch noch gemacht XD


    26. August 2014 at 12:32

    • *lacht* jaaa ich hab den schnabel sogar ohne PS gerichtet *schmunzelt* in ps hab ich nur die großflächigeren sachen gemacht und hjartans federstruktur etwas angebearbeitet x3

      Vielen lieben dank!


      26. August 2014 at 17:40

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