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Another dragonish Art


Hey Folks

I just drew this picture a while ago, but i dnt knew if I will finish it or not. Now that i dnt knew what to draw this night, I decided to finish it. I dnt like it that much, but I like few parts of it… the eye of the dragon per example… and parts of his fur too. I like the human lips… I think that’s all XD

I drew this completely in Manga Studio. I still try to figure out how it is working x3… but at the moment I like to draw with manga studio a bit more than in Photoshop… maybe because you dnt habe that many filters and such x3





3 responses

  1. Furry dragon, awesome. Some dragons are just bearded!


    21. August 2014 at 4:14

    • *smile* Thank you ^^
      Was thinking about more beard on the chin first and less fur on the head itself, but well XD

      Liked by 1 person

      21. August 2014 at 4:15

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