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Winter again – Experimental Art


Hey Folks

I got a new program yet and I wanted to text it ^^… yah it’s right, again the silver haired character „Winter“… well I just like him somehow… I do like all my characters, but I#m in the mood for Winter 🙂

Back to topic… I have a new secondary program beside Photoshop now. It’s called Manga Studio (5)… I just wanted to try it again with that manga/anime style. I just drew in this style few years ago and stopped with it since I start to draw animals. Now I want to go back to it sometimes again. Not mainly so dnt worry. I still will draw how you know it from me 🙂

It can’t be that bad to have some different styles, huh? It’s more for fun and for myself I think… kinda back to my roots where I started with :3

I dnt drew the background, it was a sample from manga Stdio… I just drew the character itself (the petals are from Manga Studio too)… it was more to test lining and coloring the character itself in this art, so judge this only 🙂


Well I like it… it’s totally different to what I do usually :3

Seems like the fever gone through the night and my throat isn’t aching at the moment, so I can hope that I’m healthy again. I just slept three hours in the night and I will try to go on sleeping after I made this entry. let’s hope it will work… because I can’t stay up with only three hours of sleeping ^^’… since I’m very tired too… but well I was very curious about manga Studio yet and wanted to test it too though… it was not ALL bad to be awake that long…

Hope you enjoy 🙂





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