Digital Art and Illustrator

Woops :D


Hey Folks

I just was in the mood to try something manga-like… and well.. whoops… what turned out of this … yaaah… for all who are homophobic, I’m sorry for that… just imagine that it’s a flat girl what is riding the guy behind  ;P ;P

The shows, or should show the one of my last practice-art (the silver haired guy in front of the moon) and an unknown character… I just drew it very randomly… I have no idea if I will or should finish this piece XD

Bildschirmfoto 2014 08 08 um 03 09 23

Maybe I will and maybe I will not… and yaaah you would see not much more in the final version then XD the bottom here is the button of the art itself too ;P 


I still feel sick, my throat is still aching bad and the fever comes and goes… maybe that’s why I’m drawing stuff like this… no… no that#s not the reason XD




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