Digital Art and Illustrator

Sculpting on three planned new Art-Dolls – 5


Hey Folks

After I wanted to protect the colors on the Lug-Owl-Chick with spray the whole thing turned bad… the colors where muddy and cracked… I really have no idea why, because I used acrylic on acrylic… -.- 

So well I had to repaint the  chick again and used another spray, now it#s all fine. It looks a bit different now, but it’s okay. I started to put on the fir and feathers on it. I#m not that far yet, because of the repainting and such, but I decided to use both… the white and the grey fur. at the moment I’m working on the head.

I will finish this one before I will go on with the gryphon though 🙂 So I have a bit time to decide what to do with the ears :3








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