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Sculpting on three planned new Art-Dolls


Hey Folks

I sculpted the base of the second planned art-doll and my beloved laughed at it >o<… well he laughed more about the name of what it will be <.<… in german “Lauscheule” it’s an own owl-species I called Lugowl in english… I also started on another head for a posable gryphon doll I will try to do with wings. it will be my own character Hjartan. I have no idea if it will work though, but well, it#s a nice thing to do something different when you take a break from drawing on stuff. I will take some photos from the work in Progress too, but for today there have to be a sketch enough.

It’s because of the lug owl-chick I’m working on… it just looks so damn funny without the fur it will have later XD

Bildschirmfoto 2014 07 27 um 05 05 59

I dnt know on what, but it reminds me on something! XD It looks really close to this sketch and has to dry yet. It is already able to stand on it’s own two feet.

The raven gryphon needs his feet and body and the ears are not added on the head yet too. The third doll I plan on is a sheep for a friend of mine. A real late birthday gift though x3.





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