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Sculpting on three planned new Art-Dolls – 2


Hey Folks

I promised some photos of the dolls I’m currently working on and here they are 🙂

That was how I started on my gryphon, the ears are not decided yet and still not added on the head.


He will be a bit bigger than I planned, but I think it’s okay… I will keep him, if I like him after he is finished x3

That’s how it looks like now:




The ears are still not added, just shortly added for the photo, but I think about re-sculling them because I dnt like how they look at the moment 🙂

I#m really curious how he will look with his fur and wings later 🙂 I still have to sculpt his feet and do his basic skeleton to make him stand and see how huge he will be at the end oo’


Here is the second one I#m working on and it really looks weird yet oo XD it will look much better with it’s fur later XD

It’s almost dry now and I think I can paint it tonight 🙂


it*s left eye looks a bit strange, but I make can fix it 🙂





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