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What a damn day…


Hey Folks

After that wonderful night of not be able to sleep, I tried to do the best of the rest of the day… I waited for me pupil for the guitar and such, but they dnt appeared, because their car broke… okay, no problem. Could happen, right? So i had more free time to enjoy and I decided to eat a piece of cake and lay me down a bit, to rest, what I was not able in the night. So a shut down my computer, took of my glasses, pick of the phone and took it with me to the bedroom, because I dnt wanted to stay up, just because someone calls me.

Okay so far, so good. I laid down and closed my eyes while I listened to the rain and thunder what was coming just few minutes ago. I thought it was really relaxing and I would surely be able to take my needed nap now. And then the telephone rings. It was my beloved that told me the basement will be flooded by water and he needs my help…. okay no nap for the raven.

I quickly picked up some towels and ran downstairs, where the water came up from the toilet and the shower… I dnt needed much time and it also came through the wall. Okay, we made a towel-barriers to stop it for a moment and called his Mom, who cakes down with towels too. Okay… the water came more and more… so the hover was needed… after all… the full basement was full of stinking water to my ankle, but luckily the rain almost stopped and we where able to bring the water under control by hovering it and carry it out with pails… it just took two or three hours, but well… it was a won fight… Now I REALLY needed a shower… The smell was so terrible…

Okay, water was under control, I took a shower and was clean, so i wanted to take a break from the day… for at least an hour, then I started to cook our meal… Well it was tasty, really tasty, but I came not to the moment, where I was able to rest a bit. All is aching… I’m tired and stressed again.

the BEST of that day, were that tiny cakes and eating the meal oov

I wanted to work a bit today on commissions again, after I was tired the last days too, but well. Shit happens, right?

I hope i will be rested tomorrow though :3 So I can go on with commissions again. Today I’ll get earlier to bed than usually I think. Would be the best, even when I’ll not able to sleep directly, I could take a break of all.

Do you „love“ those days too?





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