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Changed the Blog-design + My Guitar


Hey Folks

Last night I still dnt slept well, but now it’s weekend and the house will be hopefully a bit more calm in the morning 🙂

Yesterday I changed the design of my blog, I hope it’s not irritating, after it was the same design from start. I also changed the navigation-points a bit and maybe there will be some more added in future. I like this design a bit better. I thought about a premium one, but hey.. I dnt really like them and I can’t pay so much money now… It’s even not needed, so I dnt will do this 🙂

I even took some photos last night of my Guitar. I will maybe take some more with daylight, that would be better I guess. But for now, they are enough to show my little precious ;P…

For those who know a bit about guitars, would maybe say, that an Epiphone is not that epic than a real Jackson and other stuff… but heh! I’m just a starter and I really love my guitar! XD And I just can say, that it’s a very good one. Sounds nice, it is very play-able and such… and the small optic modifications Heri did are very nice too. I love my blue strings and the birds ❤







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