Digital Art and Illustrator

Some experimental Photos

Hey Folks

 Sadly today it was raining, so I was not able to go outside to take some photos like I planed for today ;/. So i tried some different stuff here in the house. Not much, but at least I tried XD

Heri isn’t that well, so I think the photos I want to take with him have to wait. Maybe he gets better tomorrow and the weather is better. We will see.

First I have two photos of my cat Sirius, that I really like though.



On the second one, he reminds me to an owl ;D

The next photos I took from a water-bottle in front of the blue light of a mouse-pad oo’ *laughs* well… it was too late here to get something more interesting.







Nothing real special here, at least one of them looks a bit like a sky in the night XD

I hope you like and maybe you have some ideas for me that I could use for inside the house, when it is raining :3




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