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Naaaawh + Fanart-Portrait-Practice6

Hey Folks

I’m so dam tired today. I had problems to fall asleep last night and through the day it was a bit hot here. I took a little nap, but my eyes feeling like someones takes a nap on them… so heavy and tired. I can’t see very sharp and my bed is calling my name x.x… I try to keep me awake few hours, so I can maybe sleep through the night.

Is it warm where you’re living too?

The camera-stative arrived today. Well it’s a light one, easy to carry, but maybe a little bit too light, but you can hang weights on it, so it’s perfect for me. I tried it out and took some test-photos with it and it’s working very well. So  yes, I#m very happy and it was a cheap one.

Maybe I will took some new photos of Heri this weekend and see how the camera is working by action-pictures. He need some pictures for his Website, so it’s nice chance to test it. He waits for his custom-guitar and when it arrived we will take… or I will try to take very good pictures. It can’t be wrong to test out what it looks like when you take pictures in some different situations before I think.

Summer started, I#m tired, a friend of mine is sick… She has something with her stomach, my english is not good as well, but I hope she will get well soon and enjoy the weather. At least she can stay at home, while she is sick. She is one of those persons, who want to make it right for everyone and forgets about herself. I really hope that she will stay home until she is real healthy again and not going to work, just because her working place is missing workers. 😉

She made me a raven-pushi and I really love it. I dnt have it right now, but I saw the photos she took of it and I can’t wait to holt it in my hands :3… i will defiantly give it a good name ;P

Here you can see my futures plushie (it’s a german blog)

Isn’t it cute? YES! It is cute! And it’s handmade from the heart! The best of all 🙂 It will sleep next to my „Bärchi“ I got from my beloved three years ago :3.


I wanted to work today, but I was way to tired, so I decided to do another practice to keep me awake a bit. This time I decided for „Sailor Saturn“ She was my favorite in the series as I was a child. She was so strong and even so sick. She always looked like that you could break her down easily, but she always stood up again. Even she was with friends, she always looked so lonely and calm. i really liked her. She was not that childish and such 🙂

Smfanart saturn

I’m happier with this result than with Sailor Venus I made before. I’m not that happy with the hair, but I think it’s okay. Maybe her neck is a bit too long, but I dnt wanted to change something. I was afraid to make it badder not better. :3

I hope you like it 🙂





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