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Hey Folks

Yaaaah… it’s again a Sailor Scout… The problem that I found out was,: When you start drawing one, you feel like drawing another, because it was fun, drawing the first one. After you drew two, you feel kinda guilty to those you dnt drew. And yes… still it’s fun. I have no idea if I will draw more of them or how many I will draw until it starts to annoy me o0’… I still have fun drawing those head shots. So sorry to those who dnt like them oov

This is Sailor Mercury and I like the result. I started last night before I went to bed and finished it by my ‚morning coffee‘. I still have problems with eyes, ears and noses. I think my mouths are getting a bit better from time to time. It#s hard to shade and light faces without destroying them totally. Oh yes, the headdresses… they are very hard for me to draw, because they are metalish… and I have real big problems with stuff like that.

Smfanart mercury

I hope you guys like this 🙂 Any wishes for the next when I draw another? (It really dnt have to be a Sailor Scout XD)




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