Digital Art and Illustrator

Ynishii-WIP + Info

Hey Folks

 I’m still working on the fur. It’s not that easy in this case and still I try to fix many places of the fur. but well, I#m happier with every hair I drew now XD… a lot of hair… really a lot! ;P

Bildschirmfoto 2014 06 27 um 20 23 57


Still a lot to do on the fur. And still needs colors. I think about some feathers maybe. I will ask my commissioner, when I finished the basic fur, what he thinks about the idea :3


Random Information:


Raven is sad today. Raven wanted his camera… but camera decided to stay away from raven ;/

After I waited the whole day for the post. It finally arrived and brought some stuff… but not my camera ;(. I went after the postman and asked if he might have overseen one piece, but he said no and so I want back to the house, without my camera. The status link said it will come today… and it still say that it will come today… But well it’s after 8pm now and I think the chance that I will get another post today is gone three hours ago. XD

So i just can hope for tomorrow again. And I REALLY hope ><





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