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Ynishii WIP again + Random and Fun

Hey Folks

 Since I did not posted another WIP for Ynishii’s Art the last time, I wanted to tell you, that I just took a small break with that white god. The fur dnt wanted to be like I wanted it. Now after that break it seems like it will work better again and I started to edit the whole fur again. I just started with the head now, the rest isn’t overdrawn yet, but Im a bit more happy now. See here:

Bildschirmfoto 2014 06 26 um 22 00 34

And here are both gods together again zoomed out:

Bildschirmfoto 2014 06 26 um 22 00 45

I dnt decided how to arrange them later, so that is just how I have them yet. I think I will do a larger Background here. But I dnt know yet. The white god with have a few color in the fur too, but I will add this later, like I will add some gems and gold to the white one too. But aaaall is not decided how I will do this ;P… so you’ll be like me… surprised with it XD


Random Fun: 


Next to working I just came to Squiby… urhm yeah… Squiby is kinda cute and I will not be very active there, but it’s nice for creating easy and small Adoptables, if I need something else to keep my head clear for my current work. You can find my Profile here. I already created some adoptables out of older arts I made in the past and changed them into a squib-format. They’re all free 😉 (not the art for using, just adopting and playing on squiby)… The longer I have that name in my mind „Squiby“ the funnier it sounds to me… urhm yeah… random… I know.


Random Information:


I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it…. Really!  Not joking <.<. I guess my beloved just started to get crazy about me bouncing on my chair while working and such. Why?…. I’ll get my new camera tomorrow >o<” … OMG! I’m so nervous… I want to test it as soon as possible and… wo, it’s just a dream that comes true now.

Yeah I’m not a photographer at all… But I just love taking photos! I will let you know how much I love my new camera when I tested it! XD

I will give her a name I guess… just because she will be my precious! XDD Any ideas?





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