Digital Art and Illustrator

WIP4- Ynishii-Commission

Bildschirmfoto 2014 06 17 um 22 21 42

Hey Folks


I’m still working on the white wolf’s head and still it seem to not want to look like I want it to look like. The rest of the body I do not like too, but I hope I can fix it… if I’m not able to fix it I have to restart it with a fresh new sketch before I get frustrated by things they dnt want to be like I want them to be oo’

I guess we all have such times, when things dnt want to go like I want them to go. I’m sooo f*ing tired today. It’s one of those days you dnt have stood up from bed… well okay… yesterday it was almost the same mood, but today it’s a bit badder… So I just can hope for tomorrow will be better, right?

I dnt slept very well last night, so I took a nap at the afternoon, but it dnt made me feel better -.-‚… just even more dizzy XD




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