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Naawh it’s getting hotter here…


The weather is getting warmer and warmer this weekend and … I HATE summer-weather. Ich want back my beloved winter. Before you start now thinking like „All the same, people hate winter when it#s cold and hate summer when it is warm“ … NO! Ich always hate summer, even in winter! I just can’t stand that heat. It’s even hard to work in summer…

Well the guy you see above is my fourth character Hrafn Ártali. After a long long time I decided to draw a bit more like manga again… I just tried… I like it, even when I’m not the best Artist for such things… I’m not good in drawing manga-style… or even human… But well I like it… and I love this character too. Next to Hjartan, Mána and Bakur, he shows some parts about my own personality. I just could not decide for one specie at all, so I made four different. For different arts as well, but even for different personally. Ártali is the one who is a bit confusing. He’s kinda crazy and weird, even if he looks really serious… he is not really serious.

I really like him and I know I dnt drew him very often… 

It started as a really rough sketch last night… because of some boredom, but I was too tired to continue with work. So I just doodled a bit and this is what came out as a result XD

Okay… I hope you enjoy the warm weather… I do not XD




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